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Why TNL Global?



 TNL is 100% dedicated to the parcel industry. Our focus over time has given us a unique offering that is deep and targeted in parcel expense optimization solutions. 

High Tech, High Touch


 Our subject-matter experts and account management professionals will be at your side helping drive results at no added cost, throughout the life of our relationship.

Time Tested


 We have a 15 year track record with over 500 clients worldwide. We have built a sustainable business by consistently and professionally delivering results.

Alignment Of Goals


 Our compensation model uniquely guarantees that our results are fully aligned with your objectives. Our results-based services provides the basis for a lasting and successful partnership. 

Carrier Neutral


We serve only our customers with no carrier affiliations whatsoever. Our #1 goal is to support and optimize your existing and future carrier relationships through our transportation management services.

Immediate Permanent Savings


We are well-trained and well-equipped to deliver results quickly, efficiently, and structurally so the benefits and savings accrue in perpetuity, without impact to your limited valuable resources.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The team at True North Logistics (TNL) has provided top notch auditing services helping us recover a significant amount of money from our parcel invoices. TNL also delivers a strong suite of reports that provides us with accurate and readily available information through very effective visualization tools. Dave and the team at TNL are always a phone call away when we need to adjust an existing report or create new reports according to our needs.” 

- Fortune 100 Retailer


"We have been a TNL customer since 2010. TNL has been producing consistent and significant savings each month since we started. I sometimes require custom analysis reports and TNL has been able to handle just about anything I've asked for. TNL has also helped us with two carrier negotiation projects. The team does a great job as parcel consultants.“

- Worldwide Financial Services Firm


“I have worked with TNL Global for four years and have known them to be very dependable. I worked with TNL Global for the services of Request for Proposal in providing parcel services. The work they performed was quite organized across both the USA and Canada, and all goals, in particular cost reductions, exceeded TNL Global expectations. TNL Global continues to be quite an excellent partner. I am quite certain that TNL Global will be a reliable asset to you/your company.”

- A North American Airline