Rate Optimization

Rate Optimization

UPS, FedEx, Purolator et al are a critical component of most companies’ logistics function. They do a great job and often deliver tremendous value to customers large and small. They are as hard-working as they are profitable. Most large shippers recognize that there is an asymmetry of power, knowledge and resources between their organization and their carrier when it comes to negotiating a parcel pricing agreement. The carrier has a number of advantages.

Given this reality, it helps significantly to have a modern, purpose-built, task-specific software system to drive the analysis of a negotiation as well as to monitor compliance going forward. Many companies however, simply do not possess the unique software tools, the most-current market knowledge required or even the internal resources to dedicate.

Most of TNL’s customers engage with us because they believe our work complements and enhances their internal capabilities. They have concluded that parcel is a uniquely complex and resource-intensive category of procurement. They also value the ability to retain 100% control of the carrier selection while at the same time engaging TNL’s team of experts with the market knowledge, technology, resources and aligned financial incentives, thus enabling a no-risk, mutually beneficial outcome.

TNL Global has developed a unique approach to carrier rate analysis & negotiations consulting as part of our parcel spend management services. Our process entails guidance on every step in the carrier negotiation process. Preparation, goal setting, efficient bid management, accurate analysis of proposals and counter-proposals, carrier selection & implementation are all important steps but only part of the effort. Once a new carrier agreement is signed, TNL monitors everything from new pricing & terms to internal compliance, delivery effectiveness and any and all changes to your future shipping characteristics that may affect your ability to maximize your negotiated pricing discounts.

Over the past decade,TNLGlobal’s team has helped numerous companies negotiate outstanding parcel pricing agreements. We combine technology and subject-matter experts to reduce your effort and improve and optimize parcel contract savings. Feel free to contact TNL Global at sales@TNL-Global.com to learn about our complementary savings assessment.