Analytics Data management and Reporting is the Secret Sauce of our

Traditional approaches to parcel reporting often get in the way of getting work done. Spreadsheets or ’Canned’ reports can’t begin to answer all questions related to your shipping costs, and you often find yourself discussing problems rather than solutions. Moreover, reports often capture a snapshot in time that quickly becomes out-of-date, making real-time collaboration and problem solving difficult.

With our reports, customers can filter, sort, discuss, and transform their parcel data on the fly. At TNL Global, we believe our reporting technology forms the core of our service offering. We deliver highly customized, rapid-fire, reporting in real-time. It is easy to discover key trends, anomalies and outliers that would otherwise be impossible to find. Not only are our reports dynamic and flexible but they are fast, up to 10x faster than what you are using today. The result of our rapid-fire, interactive web-based reports is: better decisions made faster, maverick shipping usage identified, costs reduced and Company value improved.

TNL’s Unique Reporting Capabilities

Reports on any device.
Our Web Reports are fully functional, interactive and accessible from any device, anywhere. Computer, laptop, and “touch-¬optimized” for the iPad and iPhone.

Reports custom¬-built for your unique needs.
Customized reports, designed and provided at no extra cost by TNL's report experts. If you can define it, we can build it. Effortlessly change from a pie chart to bar, line, map or spreadsheet-¬like grid view. Different perspectives drive new insights.

Share and export your reports.
When you discover something interesting or troubling, you can email the report link to a colleague or export it to .pdf or Microsoft Excel for further analysis, presentations, or collaboration.

Edit your Reports (from your browser!)
Our custom reports are turn¬key, but for the more adventurous, you can maintain full¬ control by editing your own reports for immediate gratification. Add or replace fields from your browser with a click to create new and instantaneous insights.

Reports designed to answer questions & take action.
  • Carrier 'On-time' Performance
  • Mode Optimization (Express vs. Ground usage)
  • Carrier Annual Rate Increase (GRI) Analysis
  • Return Shipments
  • Cost Allocation (GL Coding)
  • Multi¬-carrier reports
  • Missed 'shipment consolidation' opportunities
  • Accessorial Fee Analysis
  • Custom KPI's, International shipments, fraud monitoring, cost by DC, cost per pound analysis, DIM & Heavyweight shipment analysis, zone analysis, etc.

Big Data. Drill down. Dig Deeper.
From a global view to analyzing outliers and shipment level issues. Using our Reports, you can click from summary views to shipment level detail on every report. With a few clicks, users can jump from a view of total annual spend for the past 3 years to a shipment line-¬item view of every 3rd party shipment weighing >20lbs, sent Express 9:30am delivery from Anchorage to Timbuktu in the past 30 days that incurred an Incorrect Address Fee.

The easiest way to understand our reports and the benefits they can bring to managing your shipping budget is to test drive them via a Webex demo. Please feel free to contact TNL at to arrange a demo.