TNL Global is a specialized technology-driven service provider, delivering innovative solutions to transportation expense management and optimization objectives of large shippers in North America, Europe and Asia. Our approach is to deliver simple, effective solutions that drive immediate and lasting quantifiable cost savings to your transportation budget at no up-front cost and no change to your current shipping or payment process. We accomplish these cost savings objectives without any interruption to your current processes or the need for you to install or learn new software. The process we follow is transparent and effective–- our invoice auditing, management reporting and carrier rate optimization services collectively can drive savings of 12-18% or more for large shippers regardless of industry type.

green-leafWe have developed a proprietary carrier pricing analysis and negotiation process over the years that emphasizes carrier-friendly cost savings strategies and promotes mutually advantageous outcomes. This process takes a little more time, thought and creativity, but is accomplished by focusing on taking cost out of the process for shippers and carriers and directly addresses the overlooked question, “What’s in it for WE (not just ME)?”

This strategy is dependent on deep, expert data mining and analysis. Data is the key that unlocks savings in many different ways but only to the extent that it is timely, accurate and complete. Through data management, we can better understand your shipper profile, rate-benchmarking criteria, fully landed cost variances and carrier cost impacts for handling your unique flow of goods. Our technology addresses the data challenges endemic to the parcel industry and turns data into a competitive advantage both at the time of procuring carrier discounts (TNL’s Rate Optimization services) as well as in your ongoing monitoring of shipping activity and costs (TNL’s Management Reports & Analytics).